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Packages & Pricing

Proudly Serving Families Since 2006
10 Casket Colors Offered for Packages A and B

$3,986 Silver Package A Includes a $395 Casket

20 Gauge Non-Gasketed Steel American Peaceful Casket offered in 10 colors

Powder Blue/Shaded Silver Lt. Blue Interior

$4,286 Silver Package B Includes a $695 Casket

20 Gauge Gasketed Steel Vernon Basic Casket offered in 10 colors

Copper/Shaded DK. Bronze Rosetan Interior

This Package Also Includes the following:

  • Professional service (funeral director & staff) $1,695
  • Embalming $695
  • Cosmetology, Dressing, and Casketing $295
  • One day funeral service $295 
  • Transfer Loved One to Our Funeral Home $295
  • Funeral Hearse $295
  • One Death Certificate $21

                              Itemized Total Service 1-7 = $3,591



*Packages are offered "AS IS", any substitution may affect discount. We offer many other funeral packages. These packages DO NOT include cash advance items: These are usual out-of-pocket expenses associated with a service; such as cemetery charges, outer burial container, police escorts, death certificates, clothing, memorial programs, flowers, clergy, insurance assignment fee, newspaper notices, memorial DVD, etc. Please consult a funeral director or family service counselor for additional information or assistance*  



$795* Direct Cremation Package

*This price is for a standard adult size body of up to 299lbs, over 299 lbs is considered oversized and will be an additional fee of $199.00. We cannot cremate bodies over 450 lbs.

Package Includes the following:

  • Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Transfer Loved One to Our Crematory
  • Refrigeration Prior to Cremation (up to three days free at no additional cost)
  • Securing All Permits and Cremation Fee
  • Alternative/Cremation Container
  • Plastic Cremation Box
  • One Death Certificate



Full Size Cremation Urn $89.00
and Small Keepsake Urn $39.00

Eternal Brass

Golden Memory


Black Brass

Silver Birds

Blue Essence

Brown Token

Class Pink Rose